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(including Isla Graciosa)
28˚50΄N -29˚14΄N and 13˚25΄W-13˚53΄W


Coastal Walks

Mirador del Río - Risco de Famara
This has got to be one of the most extreme walks on the island, watch out for land slides!
Charco del Palo – Arrieta
This is a beautiful walk along the coast line from the quiet naturist village of Charco del Palo to the popular beach of Arrieta. It’s not a strenuous walk, there aren’t lots of hills to climb but you do need to wear good footwear and keep an eye on the terrain underfoot.
La Graciosa
Pick up a copy of the free island map from the harbor information centre when you arrive. The purple area shows the restricted zones, the yellow are the sand tracks suitable for 4x4’s and bikes and the white are footpaths.
Puerto del Carmen – Puerto Calero
It's not too long a walk from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero.
Puerto Calero – Playa Quemada
This walk links up nicely with a previous one from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero which covered the coast from the old harbour to the marina and the two could easily be connected for a longer trek. Playa Quemada is a small seaside village nestling at the foot of the Monumental Natural Los Ajaches mountains with black beaches. 
Mirador del Río
This walk is a quite tough but worth it! When you visit the Mirador del Río at the Northern tip of Lanzarote, there is a stunning view from the Risco down over the Río to the island of La Graciosa. If you look down you will see a beautiful sandy beach called the Playa del Risco and next to it the pink ruins of the Salinas del Risco.

Isla de Lobos
Although not in Lanzarote, there is a day trip from Playa Blanca to walk around the island of Lobos which is also a nature reserve with a special protection for birds. If you’re looking for peace and tranquility and a place that time has forgotten, this is a must do for walkers!
Cueva del Agua
Discover the beautiful water cave hidden on the coastline of Los Cocoteros.
Pozos del San Marcial del Rubicón
There's a lovely circular walk around the area of Papagayo, an area that isn't just for anchoring, but also a place where you can discover some 15th century history of Lanzarote.

Countryside Walks

Los Dolores
If you’re on the island during the second week of September then you must take part in the Romería de Los Dolores. You can set off from any point on the island as long as you are comfortable walking the distance to Manch Blanca. The tradition is to walk from where you live, you really should make the effort to wear the traditional costume.
Monte Corona Yé
You can’t miss the Monte Corona, its the huge one at the North end of the island of Lanzarote overlooking Órzola, this is where the lava flowed down to the sea to create the tunnel that now forms the attractions of the Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua.
Haría to Bosquecillo
There is a really great walk from Haría up to the forest and picnic area called Bosquecillo, from the centre of the village there are two routes, one is easier underfoot but longer. Start from the Plaza de Constitución, with the ayuntamiento building on your left walk along the road past the library, when you get to the junction at the corner you need to decide which way you prefer.
Las Nieves to Guatiza
Walk the new routes Red de Senderos Turísticos y Recreativos de Lanzarote as all the signposts were now installed.

Uga to Conil
Why not try La Geria, the wine region of Lanzarote on the new path PR-LZ-06 that runs from Mozaga to Yaiza.
Malpaso Way Haría
Lots of wild flowers and on the way you pass the house where César Manrique retired to.
Maguez to Guinate
This can be a walk or a drive depending how energetic you are feeling! Either way its a beautiful route and definitely one to be explored in the spring as the hills come alive with blue and yellow flowers not to mention the stunning panoramic views.
Barranco Tenegüime
If you have one,park your car up near the windmill farm overlooking Los Valles and walk down the barranco.
Montaña Colorada
Montaña Colorada is the bright red mountain that you can see from the LZ-30 road which passes through La Geria. To access the parking area, turn onto the LZ-56 towards Tinguaton and the Timanfaya National Park, look for the dirt track turn off on your right as you approach the base of the corona.
Litófono Peña Luis Cabrera
There are two known Litófonos in Lanzarote, this one is called the Litófono de la Peña de Luis Cabrera and found in Guatiza, the other is in Soo. A Litófono is a special rock formation that was used by the Guanches to produce sounds of different tones. The Litófono de la Peña de Luis Cabrera is situated in between the villages of Guatiza and Teseguite. This particular Litófono has three groups of rocks which would allow one person to beat 18 different sounds from the same location.
Montaña Corona in Costa Teguise
The Montaña Corona stands proud at the back of the Costa Teguise resort, there is a footpath which circles the base but for the more adventurous.
Montaña Roja in Playa Blanca
The vibrant red mountain of Montaña Roja, often pronounced montana Roger instead of montanya roha as it sounds in Spanish has been linked to mysterious UFO sightings in the past. This volcano is situated in the far South of Lanzarote.  You can pick up the path by looking for the cellphone mast, someone has thoughtfully painted the word volcano onto a few large black volcanic pebbles pointing the way as it’s not obvious.
Montaña Tahíche
On a clear day there’s a fantastic view from the road leading from Costa Teguise towards Tahíche, you can normally see the beaches along the coast of Fuerteventura. This is a 3km circular walk including a climb of 170m.
Giant Fossil Eggs
An easy walk to two sites of archaeological interest at Valle Grande & Valle Chico in Órzola, where giant fossilised eggs have previously been found.
Built Up Area WalksWalk “The Strip" in Puerto del Carmen
There’s been a lot of media regarding the changes on the front in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote. This resort has a 6km stretch of promenade that runs from the end of the runway at Matagorda to the main beach Playa Grande. For the main part, the traffic now runs in one direction with a cycle lane from the main beach towards Matagorda and the pavement has been widened.
Walk around Charco de San Ginés in Arrecife
El Charco de San Ginés really is a lovely spot in Arrecife! El Charco translates to ‘the puddle’ and is situated on the front in Arrecife, between Calle Real and Puerto Naos. There is a car park on open ground to the side of El Charco with a children’s playground, the very popular restaurant Casa Ginory marks the entrance and no matter the time of day there are always people enjoying fresh fish platters or bocadillos de pescado or calamares here.
Red de Paseos / Promenade Walks in Costa Teguise
A map is now available showing three routes around the resort of Costa Teguise, green 4.6 km, blue 6.5 km and red 10 km. The green path is the easiest and central to the resort, the blue path takes in more of the South side and the red more of the North side.

Other Walks
Red de Senderos Turísticos y Recreativos de Lanzarote
The Cabildo de Lanzarote have released details of 10 walks around the island where they are going to create signposted footpaths. The new routes “Red de Senderos Turísticos y Recreativos de Lanzarote" will total a distance of 147 km and are spread out around Lanzarote. The budget of €80,000 Euros has already been raised and the work should be finished during the month of September 2010.
 Red de Parques Nacionales
The Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino have launched a new website Red de Parques Nacionales, where you can book two free guided walks online through the Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote. There is a tough coastal 9km walk and an easy 3km volcano walk.
That was all very energetic - time for a well earned rest and a large G&T!

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